a place full of history & heart

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And The Farm is a storybook kind of        


Infused with history, heart and

loads of love.

Stay awhile and you'll see why.

Infused with history, heart and                      

a place

like no other

Tucked within the countryside and hidden as a treasure among the pines, The Farm offers magical mountainous views and lush green pastures. A blend of European style mixed with Southern comfort, it's an unforgettable backdrop for your wedding.

The Farm is located just one hour south of Chattanooga and one hour north of Atlanta. So, we're conveniently close to home, yet you'll feel as if you've been transported to a dreamy far-away place. An escape from the chaos of modern day life.

 And with an array of indoor and outdoor ceremony and reception sites, The Farm offers an ideal setting worthy of your storybook vows.

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sweet words

sweet words

The Farm is everything you could possibly imagine in a wedding venue. It's a quiet and private location away from the noise and stress of most other venues. The beautiful country landscape and the gorgeous stables are picturesque and make for great photo ops. - Michelle

2979 big texas valley road


and a labor of love

Legend has it that Texas Valley was named

after pioneers

bound for Texas.

bound for


The area eventually became home to the Cooper family, who would instill an invaluable legacy throughout Texas Valley and Georgia for years to come. Sadly, in 1993, the blizzard known as "The Storm of The Century" destroyed much of the towering pine trees originally planted by the Coopers at least 69 years prior.

It was then that John Cooper and wife Rena Berry Hammon decided to repurpose the beautiful pines in the form of a 20,000 square foot boarding stable, with accompanying 20,000 square foot hay loft. Every nail hand driven, and every intricate detail thoughtfully considered, the barn took four painstaking years to complete.

In 1996 the Coopers opened the gates to Zion Farms Equestrian Center, where they offered exquisite horse boarding facilities and upscale equestrian camps for over a decade. That same European barn, with its rustic charm and Old World grace, is at the very center of The Farm today.

And we are forever


owners of the farm


We purchased the property in 2009. It seemed like a wonderful place to spend quality time with our family and friends - not to mention a magical place for our children to grow up. After a year of renovating the buildings and restoring the land, we hosted our first wedding as a favor for some friends. And word quickly got out that The Farm was an amazing place to host weddings.

So, combining our mutual love for business with our individual talents and expertise, The Farm was officially established.

Probably the most amazing wedding venue in Georgia. Just a stunning place. I didn't know that architecture like this existed here. -Beau

a heart

for people

The Farm is family-owned and operated from a place of community and collaboration.

Over the last 13 years, The Bagleys have successfully built a team of professionals who also share their love and passion for The Farm. With personality, a passion for hospitality and unprecedented skill and experience, The Farm family has earned a reputation for excellence and trust within the wedding and hospitality industry.

The history, the stories, and the memories created here are what make The Farm

so special.


But, the people are what make it all happen.


Perfect place for a perfect beginning. It
has everything you need. From the
beautiful French barn and ballroom, to the
rolling acres of perfect backdrops, and the
professional planners on site, it’s a one
stop venue. -Sabrina

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